Home Away From Home


At construction workers residential city, we are fully committed to building an integrated community for the betterment of the living conditions of workers in Abu Dhabi. In our effort to create a harmonious environment in which residents feel valued and productive, we offer the highest standard of living facilities that positively impact the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of residents. Everything from retail outlets and to recreation areas, mosques, barber shop, supermarket are situated inside the city to facilitate the comfortable stay of your workforce. Fitness Gym, Health & care, Photo Studio, Bakery Shop, Cafeteria ,Hypermarket, Barber Shop, Money Exchange, Internal Recreational Hall, External & Recreational Grounds with Basket Ball, Volley Ball Courts & open games areas.

In addition to providing high-quality accommodation in various categories, our holistic amenities ensure an ideal standard of living. Our skilled teams take care of all facility management within our city and ensure the proper functioning, hygiene, and maintenance of our assets. Being a highly sustainable community for skilled and productive workers, construction workers residential city’s integrated modern facilities fit the needs of all residents. A hypermarket features various retailers, groceries, and cafeterias for the residents’ daily needs. ATMs are located throughout our premises to facilitate banking and money transfer services. Spacious recreation grounds allow residents to unwind bond with co-residents

Rooms Categories

Technician’s Room provided with:

  • Bunk Bed, Medicated Mattress, Pillow & Bedding Set
  • Personal Locker
  • Table & Chairs
  • Split type Air Conditioning Unit
  • Room cleaning

Worker’s Room provided with:

  • Single Bed, Medicated Mattress, Pillow & Bedding Set
  • Personal 2-door lockers
  • Table & Chairs
  • 2 Split type Air Conditioning Unit
  • Room cleaning.

Kitchen Facility

We serve nutritious meals using fresh quality ingredients prepared by our professional chefs and state-of-the-art machines that produce large quantities without compromising the cultured taste.

Dine-In Facility

Our catering service is inspired by culture’s, dream’s, occasion’s & partnering with you to ensure a healthy workforce. Your staff welfare is our priority.

Health Center Facility

We are committed to helping our resident achieve optimum health and enjoy the best quality of life possible. Highly skilled medical team who strive to provide you with premium standards of treatment.

Mosque Facility

CWRC masjed has a capacity of up to 1,600 persons. Internal and external halls are well cleaned & maintained.

Gym Facility

The physical needs of our residents are a priority and ought to be fulfilling through the sports and recreational centers within the CWRC. We encourage various physical exercises and recreational activities by providing gym facility as well.

Playgrounds Facility

The psychological and physical needs of our residents are a priority and ought to be fulfilling through the sports. We encourage various sports and recreational activities by providing venues for different sports such as football, cricket, basketball and volleyball.

Supermarket Facility

CWRC comprises of a supermarket which is the most comprehensive in city. The “Madina supermarket” offers various services, retailers, groceries, for the residents’ daily needs.

Cafeteria Facility

CWRC hosts 3 restaurants Meals are tailor made to suit the different tastes of residents who come from a mix of nationalities and ethnicities.

Money Exchange Facility

CWRC village comprises  money exchange which provides money transfer services whereas residents can use ATMs available throughout cwrc village premises.