Construction workers residential city offers the full scope of both hard and soft facility management services, to ensure utmost comfort and highest quality of living. We have implemented the operational framework issued by Zones-Corp to ensure that the services performance is well-provided; both for built-in (occupancy) and facility management and operations administration. The services are Centralized Help Desk Management Services, WIFI-Internet, Security, Housekeeping & Laundry Management Services, Pest Control Management Services, Waste Management Services, Maintenance Services, QHSE Management Services & Cleaning Services.

The ultimate aim of our holistic facility management services is to ensure an ideal standard of living and ensure safety and security of all our residents. From ensuring utmost cleanliness and maintenance of aesthetics, to ensuring hygienic living conditions and catering and housekeeping services. We have the best technical and managerial resources to support all our organization and operational needs. By ensuring the best-in-line maintenance of our amenities and assets, we ensure ideal conditions of living for all residents.

Laundry Service

We provide proficient laundry services to all of our tenant’s   using hygienic processes of cleaning and pressing with delivery courtesy services.

Security Service

Safety of our people, buildings, assets and reputation is take care by our fully trained security & technological team. To make this objective smooth all teams work together as an entity towards same goal.

WIFI-Internet Service

IT professional working on the latest of technologies enabling the residents to have access to internet and its communication mediums helping them to stay connected with their families and friends.


Helpdesk Service

Centralized Help Desk Management Services stay online 7×24 to serve queries to avoid any delay regarding services & maintenance.

Waste Management Service

We care about city waste disposal which includes the processes and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal.

HSE Management Service

HSE professional working on the latest of technologies and regulations to avoid any incidents in side of city safety of our tenants is our priority.


Maintenance Service

Our dedicated maintenance  team coordinate and oversee the maintenance of our facilities, with a strong focus on high standards, in order to give all our residents an enjoyable stay at cwrc.

Cleaning Service

Our holistic cleaning team always make ensure an ideal standard of living. Our skilled teams take care of all facility management within our city and ensure the proper functioning, hygiene, and maintenance of our assets.